The Most Trusted Name in Cannabis

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Since 2005 the scientists and cultivators at Tikun have developed exclusive proprietary strains that bring therapeutic relief and improvement in quality of life to our patients and their families.


Over a decade of treatment data collection has allowed us to develop the world’s largest medical cannabis patient database. Our ongoing participation and successful results in clinical trials and studies put us at the forefront of medical cannabis research.


Our ongoing commitment to wellness means we only cultivate premium quality cannabis products from seed to sale. We genuinely care about patients and believe they should be able to rely on the quality and consistency of their medical cannabis.

This weekend we had the chance to try out Tikun Olam USA exclusive Alaska strain vape oil. What a Treat! This very powerful strain is a true sativa in every way. We experienced an uplifting, clear minded, energetic high like no other.

— Facebook Follower

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