Expertly Cultivated Cannabis

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Tikun Olam has spent years analyzing the active ingredients in cannabis to produce our library of unique strains that are unparalleled in quality and efficacy.


From the first discovery and isolation of its active compounds, Israel has been at the forefront of cannabis research. The scientists at Tikun Olam have carried on this lineage with their world-renowned production techniques and strains.


Tikun Olam is a pioneer in the study of medical cannabis. The brand’s unique products have been used in numerous medical trials and Tikun Olam clinics have treated over 10,000 patients for a variety of conditions.

This weekend we had the chance to try out Tikun Olam USA exclusive Alaska strain vape oil. What a Treat! This very powerful strain is a true sativa in every way. We experienced an uplifting, clear minded, energetic high like no other.

— Facebook Follower

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