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Tikun Olam is a globally renowned benchmark for an optimal, trusted cannabis experience. Welcome to the wellness revolution.

Our History

Tikun Olam began as a compassionate initiative with a desire to improve the lives of medical patients in Israel. Building on a history of medical cannabis research in Israel, in 2007 Israeli founder Tzachi Cohen pioneered Tikun Olam as volunteer-staffed, philanthropic program to get medical cannabis to patients in need, from cancer and AIDs to veterans with PTSD and children with epilepsy.

Built on a culture of community, after the Israeli government regulated medical cannabis in 2010, Tikun Olam set the bar for patient care by establishing the first cannabis-focused nurse-staffed clinic in Tel Aviv in 2011. The team focused on correlating new strains as they are developed by the cultivation team with diseases, symptoms and lifestyle factors that feed into a comprehensive patient database.
All data is recorded and passed back to the cultivation and laboratory teams, setting the bar for Tikun Olam as a company committed to research and patient feedback in developing quality strains.

In 2011, Tikun Olam Israel published its first research paper on the effects of cannabis on Crohn's and Colitis, cementing years of collaboration between leading hospitals, researchers and universities. In 2013, a second research paper is published by Tikun Olam on Crohn’s and Colitis, and the 3-year observational study featuring geriatric patients at the nursing home Hadarim is completed.

In 2012, Tikun Olam reached international fame after successfully breeding the first ever high-CBD, low-THC strain, “Avidekel”, named “highless marijuana” by Reuters and receiving accolades internationally for its innovative and groundbreaking status. This paved the way for international expansion in 2013, with Medrelief Canada becoming the first to provide Tikun Olam strains outside of Israel.

In 2016, Tikun Olam launched Tikun Olam USA – known as Tikun – with a launch in Delaware’s single medical dispensary. Today, in 2017, Tikun Olam has eight research studies in progress aside from the three already published, along with a database of patients that is constantly growing and feeding back into strain development. Our head of research, Professor Zvi Bentwich, is a leading researcher in HIV/AIDS internationally and we continue to closely partner with other key figures including the “Father of Medical Cannabis,” Professor Raphael Mechoulam.

Our Heritage

Tikun Olam, known in the USA as TIKUN, were the premier originators of a comprehensive clinically-based medical cannabis program in Israel. For almost a decade, Tikun Olam has provided patients across a range of conditions, from children to the elderly, with safe, effective strains of cannabis, based on continual patient feedback to provide optimum efficacy and ultimate improvement in patient quality of life.

Tikun Olam are leaders in ground-breaking research internationally, and were the first to produce a high-CBD, non-psychoactive strain, “Avidekel” in 2012. Today, Tikun Olam’s patient database in Israel reaches 8,000 and cultivates a selection of 16 innovative strains that are revolutionary, dynamic and proven for consistency and effectiveness.

The Science

From the day it was founded, Tikun Olam has dedicated itself to researching the many medical applications of cannabis and developing the best strains for each purpose.

Through the leadership of laboratory manager Hagit Yariv, PhD in Biochemistry, and chief scientist, Professor Zvi Bentwich, Tikun Olam has spent years researching, analyzing, and breeding the most effective strains of medical cannabis. Our unique portfolio is produced at the highest standard and has been utilized in a wide variety of medical trials that have allowed Tikun Olam to build one of the most extensive research databases on medical cannabis in the world.

In Hebrew, Tikun Olam means “repair the world”. We are focused on fulfilling that vision by providing premium quality cannabis in the United States with strains that deliver consistent experiences and provide additional therapeutic benefits.

Our strains have been shown to relieve a variety of symptoms and concerns through anecdotal patient experiences, clinical research and laboratory studies, resulting in quality strains with exceptional effectiveness.

“Tikun Olam” is an ancient Hebrew phrase, a mystical concept described as “Healing” or “Repairing The World.”