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February 28, 2018

The United States sees more than 12.7 million new cancer cases a year – and among those who must undergo surgery, one in 10 will become dependent on opioid pain relievers. With America's opioid epidemic killing 116 people everyday from lethal overdoses, dependence on pain medications is a close rival to cancer itself as a serious threat to patients' lives.

Cannabis, however, could be helpful to patients because it potentially targets a variety of symptoms all at once, serving the same purpose as a cocktail of pharmaceutical medications – especially opioids. And while much research is still needed, the preliminary findings seem promising.

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The Canadian Cannabis Awards distinguishes the people, strains, producers and dispensaries that make the industry great. Winners are chosen by people’s choice. Tikun was bestowed four awards for three of our strains.

December 2017

Avidekel: Interest in CBD in general surged this year, ushering folks weary of THC’s psychoactive components into the wonderful world of cannabis. Israel’s first medical marijuana supplier Tikun Olam (Hebrew for “repair the world”) developed this strain that has almost no THC at all - one percent at most - but a whopping 18 percent CBD. In fact, most people won’t even feel stoned after smoking or vaping...

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December 2017

Israel is the so-called promised land of medicinal cannabis – thanks to groundbreaking research done within it’s borders. The country’s connection to cannabis is one that’s rooted in ancient and modern history. It’s home to the isolation of THC; the discovery of anandamide (the bliss molecule), the first endocannabinoid to be identified; and to Tikum Olam – the world’s foremost, scientifically backed, medical cannabis brand...

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December 2017

In Hebrew, “tikun olam” means to repair the world. It’s a major precept of Judaism—and it’s also the name of Israel’s most prominent medical-marijuana company, now planting seeds around the globe. In the United States, it already had retail outposts in Nevada and Delaware.

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September 8, 2017

The conditions of children suffering from cerebral palsy are significantly improving following treatment with medical marijuana, according to a study done by Wolfson Medical Center near Tel Aviv, Israel.

According to the interim findings, treatment with cannabis oil reduced symptoms and improved children’s motor skills. It also improved their sleep quality, bowel movements and general mood.

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May 12, 2017

Featured guests: Jyl Ferris of Tikun Olam USA and addiction treatment professional Dr. Cali Estes. Discussed on the show: • Using cannabis in treating opioid dependence; concerns about potentially trading one addiction for another. • Marijuana use in American professional sports — only the NHL doesn’t test for THC — helping athletes recover in the offseason with high-CBD and THC products alike. • Bringing an historic Israeli medical marijuana company to the United States, fitting in to the system.

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