Eran Almog

Soothing, Comforting, Restful

  • Indica: 70%
  • Sativa: 30%
  • THC Range: 17-22%
  • CBD Range: 1%
  • Used For: Chronic or acute pain, insomnia or sedation, muscle spasms, diminishing nausea and increasing appetite.
  • Day Care / Night Care: Night Care
  • Available In: Flower, Vape

Product Description

Eran Almog is a THC indica dominant hybrid strain great for evening and nighttime consumption.  It is helpful for chronic pain; sleep disorders, nausea, lack of appetite and symptoms of PTSD. As a hybrid, Eran Almog is known for providing significant physical pain relief throughout the body while creating calmness and clarity in the mind.  This strain is ideal for people used to opiates and narcotics or who already have experience medicating with high-THC products.


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