Made by Nature. Backed by Science.


Since 2005 the scientists and cultivators at Tikun have developed exclusive proprietary strains that bring therapeutic relief and improvement in quality of life to our patients and their families.


Over a decade of treatment data collection has allowed us to develop the world’s largest medical cannabis patient database. Our ongoing participation and successful results in clinical trials and studies put us at the forefront of medical cannabis research.


Our ongoing commitment to wellness means we only cultivate premium quality cannabis products from seed to sale. We genuinely care about patients and believe they should be able to rely on the quality and consistency of their medical cannabis.


After doing opioids for over 10 years, I went cold turkey to find the right strain for me. I found it here! I use Avidekel and for the first time in I don't know how many years, I can take a deep breath. I can walk without pain. It's amazing!


Midnight is my second favorite strain next to Avidekel. Both have dealt with the inflammation and fatigue of my Crohn's exceptionally.


The Avidekel topical cream is amazing. Helps me with my carpel tunnel and back pain. I've been able to get the use of my hands back and that's something that no medication has been able to do. Thank you so much!


Alaska has me up cleaning the house, playing with my kids, and having full conversations without acting or sounding affected. My favorite strain of all time.


I tried Eran Almog and it is quite possibly the best weed I have ever experienced in 40 years. The taste and smell are wonderful as is the effect. Very relaxing, euphoric and cerebral without much couch lock.