Full-Spectrum Single Strain Cannabis Oil

Premium Cannabis Oil Tincture

Tincture Sizes Available

  • 1oz oil

How To Use It

Shake before use. Place ¼ dropper (.25ml) under tongue, allowing the oil to be absorbed sublingually for at least 15 seconds. Wait two hours to feel full effect

All-Natural Ingredients

Avocado oil, full-spectrum single strain cannabis oil, orange peel extract

Why It's Premium

Our full-spectrum cannabis oil tincture is made with high-purity distillate and all-natural ingredients. Using CO2, we extract the oil from the whole flower, purify it to a high degree, and then reintroduce the strain-specific terpenes - preserving the full strain cannabinoid and terpene profile. With an avocado oil base and subtle orange flavor, this award-winning tincture delivers whole plant benefits with ease.


2019 High Times Dope Cup - Best Sublingual - Avidekel